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Our work

Waking Up Marketeers To Innovation

We inspired 250 global Pharmaceutical marketing leaders to INNOVATE, through questioning norms and switching off their autopilot. 

We took participants on a journey to 1) build awareness of their autopilot, 2) wake them up to new ideas and 3) upskill with new tools and ways of thinking.  

  • Designed a concept and programme rich in experiences, light in presentation
  • Worked with external experts to generate insight
  • Worked with a global steering group to execute
  • Designed learning sessions with specific outcomes
  • Designed a 3-space environment for thinking, learning and sharing
  • Delivered a campaign around the core activation to embed learning

What our client said about PBH

Trusted and trusting, accountable, energetic, engaged and engaging…

…Having worked with other agencies in the last 18-months, PBH were head and shoulders above in every important facet.

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