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Our brief was to launch this new partnership internally to colleagues of HSBC UK, demonstrate the importance of the partnership and invite them to get involved. Our client wanted to create an experience in their UK headquarters that colleagues could engage with, and something that couldn’t be missed.

Our teams looked at the proposed space for the activation to understand how it’s used by colleagues, they explored the partnership further to identify those key moments where both brands together could make a huge difference, and then reviewed existing assets to help build a story for the users with a clear call to action.  

What we created was a large installation set under a canopy reflective of the SHELTER logo. We brought to life many of the problems facing SHELTER patrons, highlighting their individual stories and how together HSBC and SHELTER will be tackling these for others. To support this we used real recorded phone calls made to SHELTER from people in need of their services, and we played these through a series of hanging audio cubes, driving home the importance of the work being undertaken. At the end of the space we added a CTA so colleagues could get involved to support the partnership and find out more about the work the brands will be doing together.

  • Conceptualisation & engagement strategy
  • Creative execution
  • Production

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