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Engagement Of 2,500 in The Launch Of Purpose And Plans

Following a series of complex acquisitions, global FinTech Planet had doubled in size in just 18 months.  With  brand new products and services, hundreds of new people and customers, as well as new systems and processes, never was it so important to galvanise people around a shared purpose, culture and plan. 

A dynamic 90 minute TV-show style event enabled us to reach a 2500 pax audience across six timezones.  All employees could contribute; pre-event through user-generated video content, and in the many ‘live TV’ moments of chats, polls, workshops and Q&A.  A professional host and a rollerblading DJ added energy and entertainment!

  • Programme and experience design for studio and virtual audiences
  • TV broadcast with live translation into 6 languages
  • Scripting of event host and other key content
  • Production of video inserts from customers and employees around the business

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