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See things Differently: Transforming Leadership Learning

We were approached by BT Group to elevate their Leadership Standards Programme and spark engagement across their 5,000-strong Digital team.

Our objective was to reimagine these existing leadership standards and to transform them into a captivating employee experience. After assembling our team of creatives, strategists and communications experts, we discovered that this audience suffers from digital fatigue and would require a creative solution to succeed. Simply, another digital-first format wouldn't work.

To bring BT Group’s standards off the page we proposed creating a learning journal for each colleague, a simple step-by-step guide to each standard, designed to allow the user to work through at their own pace, with spaces to make notes and reflect.  We also incorporated QR codes for the reader to scan to further their learning with curated online content.  

Each standard was introduced to the audience via a video link in this journal. This six-part video series (one for each standard) was far from the typical corporate training video, allowing the teams to ‘see things differently’ (the campaign wrapper). Working with the L&D team at BT, our creative team paired relevant relatable content with a splash of humour to resonate with our audience and create interest and recall. The standards were represented via the story of a houseshare, introducing relatable characters from different backgrounds with different values.

Since launch, engagement levels in the Leadership Standards across the Digital team have increased hugely, with further plans to roll this out across the entire BT Group. The positive feedback has been overwhelming, with plans for a follow-up episode in the works!

Key takeaways

  • Integrated multi-channel learning format
  • Increased engagement with existing Leadership Standards programme
  • Planned project expansion

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