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You Talking To Me?

Successful relationships are built on a foundation of good communication - this is true in any walk of life. But in business, building a successful relationship between your brand and your internal audience is critical if you want your business to flourish. 

Do you really know your audience? 

When it comes to improving the employee experience, internal communications play a critical role. These may be campaigns or frequent functional communications, but to ensure these messages are delivered successfully, it’s essential to know exactly who your audiences are.

To better understand how to communicate with and engage your employees, you need to first look at segmentation: how to create different audience segments from each corner of your business. These will traditionally be different teams or functions within the company, such as manufacturing, retail, human resources, distribution, etc. The goal is ultimately to create a set of personas for each segment, covering your entire business. 

What are Audience Personas? 

Audience personas are a critical tool that we can use to deliver successful internal communications campaigns and experiences. These personas are created based on research and analysis of your audience, understanding their characteristics, behaviours, needs, aspirations, habits and preferences. 

For example, an employee who works for a retail brand within a head office and spends most of their day sitting at their computer will have different needs, communications preferences and habits from their colleagues working in a store environment. An employee on the shop floor may have more limited access to online content, work shift patterns that differ from a rigid 9-5, and may have different career aspirations, meaning they need other things from the employer.

Understanding these differences enables a business to develop targeted internal communications strategies that resonate with each specific group of employees. By differentiating the needs and preferences of employee groups, you can tailor the messaging and delivery channels to be more inclusive, effective and engaging.

Supporting diverse groups

We want all employees to feel valued and understood, which means understanding their diverse backgrounds, needs and communications styles. Audience Personas can be instrumental in aligning employee communications with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (“DEI”) practices by addressing biases, tailoring strategies, and promoting inclusivity and equity within organisations.

If you communicate the right message, to the right person, at the right time, using language they relate to, it’s more likely to be heard, understood and acted on.

An essential tool

Audience personas are essential for any company looking to deliver successful internal communications campaigns and experiences. Creating personas and tailoring communications to specific groups increases engagement, alignment, and overall success.

To learn more about audience personas and how to create your own, contact our team.

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