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Set for Success: Embedding Brand Values Into Your Organisational Design

By Lee Ashton, Executive Client Director

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, company values anchor a bustling workforce and play a crucial role in the everyday aspects of the wider organisation. 

  • Brand Integrity & Consistency: Values serve as the moral compass of an organisation, shaping behaviours and setting standards. They provide a reference point for decision-making and prompt individuals to ask themselves, "Does this align with our standards?" 
  • Recruitment and Retention: Value-focused recruitment efforts ensure candidates possess the necessary skills and resonate with the business culture. Candidates who share common values are more likely to be committed to the business, contributing to long-term retention and engagement.
  • Cultivating Positive Culture: Genuine values contribute significantly to a positive workplace culture. When ingrained authentically, they foster alignment among employees, creating an environment where individuals thrive and collaborate effectively towards shared goals.

Values are the foundation for achieving business objectives, strategic direction and decision-making processes. However, embedding them into the fabric of the business requires deliberate effort and commitment from leadership.

Knowing where to start can feel daunting at first, but these 7 strategies can kickstart the process and bring your values to life.

  1. Leadership Commitment: Top-level leadership must actively demonstrate and embody core values, serving as role models for the entire organisation.
  2. Clarity and Communication: Clearly define values and illustrate their significance through tangible examples. Utilise various channels such as videos or handbooks to ensure widespread understanding and alignment.
  3. Integration into Processes: Incorporate values into policies and procedures to institutionalise their significance in daily operations. This prevents values from remaining aspirational and ensures their integration into the culture.
  4. Recruitment and Onboarding: Evaluate potential hires based on shared values and incorporate values into the onboarding process to instil a sense of alignment and belonging from the outset.
  5. Learning and Development: Develop learning materials and programs that reinforce key values and integrate them into personal development plans to deepen understanding and alignment.
  6. Recognition and Rewards: Celebrate individuals who exemplify organisational values, reinforcing their importance and encouraging others to follow suit.
  7. Listen to employees and remain adaptable: As business goals evolve, so too should your values.  Reflect on the changing needs and aspirations of the workforce.

In conclusion, values are not merely words on a page but the cornerstone of success for shaping behaviours, fostering culture, and guiding strategic direction. By integrating values into every aspect of the organisation, you can cultivate a thriving and cohesive workplace environment conducive to achieving shared goals and objectives.

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