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Happy Humans, Happy Business, Happy Profits

What if we approached employee experience like a marketing and advertising agency, using the same research, technology, channels and content techniques reserved for customers? Research has shown that when companies invest in employee experience in the same way they invest in customer experience, they outperform their competitors significantly.1

At Powered by Humans, we believe it's time to treat your most valuable brand ambassadors to the innovative techniques usually reserved for the customer.

It starts at the beginning

Employee experience doesn’t mean town halls and flexible working, it begins with recruitment and onboarding. Brands need a clear talent acquisition strategy,  starting from the inception of the job role all the way to the end of probation. So what will an employee’s company experience be before they’re even an employee?

Using insights

Collecting data about an organisation's workforce can provide invaluable insights which can be used to leverage an employee engagement strategy. There are a million ways to build brand advocacy and awareness of values, but insights allow for tailored and efficient engagement. Sure, research costs money, but in the long run it can save a fortune by limiting wasted projects and campaigns no one needed. You wouldn’t start a marketing campaign without market research right?

Employee is king

According to research by Oxford Economics and Unum2, the average cost of turnover per employee (earning £25,000 a year or more) is £30,614. Just like consumers have spending power, so do a workforce. However, organisations that have invested in employee experience have 40% less employee turnover than competitors.3 That is a lot of time, resources and money saved…

Tap into creativity

We live in a non-stop 24/7 world, the way we consume information has changed dramatically in the last few years. You wouldn’t read the latest news from a PDF on your computer, so why do employers rely so heavily on them to communicate with their employees? The best campaigns use creativity to communicate their message, and the bar is constantly increasing. Recognising the high standards and competition for attention can make a huge difference when it comes to good employee engagement.

Bottomline: Save yours

A more engaged employee will perform better, and a business that performs better will make more money. Employee engagement should be treated like consumer engagement; that is why Powered by Humans applies industry-leading marketing and advertising practices to drive brand love and advocacy.

To find out how our team of specialists can help your brand, get in touch.

1 - Employee Experience Reimagined by Accenture (2017)

2 - The Cost of Brain Drain by Oxford Economics (2014)

3 - Why Invest In Employee Experience? By Forbes (2020)

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